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Who is Rescue Chic?

Rescue chic is about the girls of Emergency Services.  It’s about the women who serve their community, their state, and their country.   We are you!  We’ve been where you are and we are excited to see Strong, Confident Women enter this field at all ages and become leaders; paving the path for future women who desire to become something Amazing!  We believe in paying it Forward.  We are committed to Empowering and Encouraging future generations of girls by providing the building blocks for their success.

Play on words?  Yes!

The name Rescue Chic is two-fold.  The term “chick” in slang used to reference a female – easily recognized, however when spelled without the ‘k’ takes on a whole new meaning – (Sheek): Noun.  Smart, Elegance and Sophistication especially of dress or manner.  a distinct mode of dress or manner associated with a fashionable lifestyle, ideology, or pursuit : style < wears her clothes with superb chic>


Throughout the history of EMS, Fire, Rescue, Law Enforcement and other Emergency Services, women typically played a limited role.  Still we see women struggle to gain the respect and support they deserve in their efforts to serve.  We see women forced to prove themselves capable and worthy of acceptance.

How do we create change? 

As times change and women become Educators, Captains, Chiefs, Supervisors, Commanders Etc., there becomes a shift.  The generation opposed to women in the field is leaving and the next generation enters with strong women in place, in the roles of instructor, preceptors, officers and other leaders.  In some communities greater than 50% of the force are women, while in others they have yet to hire their first female.  We DO NOT want standards reduced, to do so would imply that we can’t ‘cut it.’  Women are capable of meeting and exceeding the standards. A level playing field and fair opportunity is all we desire.

The uniqueness of Emergency Services

Emergency Services is a unique profession. They say, “Less than 1% of the population could ‘handle’ this profession.”   We live with our co-workers for days on end, spending more time with them than our own families, risk our lives and health to help people we don’t know and who may never say, “Thank you.”  We spend hours working for very little pay and some make the ultimate sacrifice in the interest of helping a total stranger.  We ask little in return and when someone says, “I could never do your job….”  we don’t look at them as weak, we simply recognize we are something special, or a ‘special breed’ as some would say.  We are given the ability to handle anything good old Murphy throws our way.

Is it OK to be a Girl?

​We recognize that women not only have to be strong physically, but mentally and emotionally.  When I started my career at age 19 as an EMT and Fire Explorer, I thought I had to be ‘one of the guys.’  I thought I had to act like a guy, as if I could hide being a girl.  One day I had a conversation with one of the seasoned female firefighters.  She told me, “As a firefighter you can easily forget you’re a girl.  Once in a while remind yourself to get a ‘mani’, get a ‘pedi’, do your hair, and put on a dress, or after a while you’ll lose who you are.”  I’ve often passed that same advice on to the next generation of girls I’ve trained.  And now with the rise of Cross-Fit, Extreme sports, Women’s pro-sports and many other professions, Skinny and Helpless is out; Tough, Strong and Confident is in!

The Premise 

Rescue Chic is based on the premise that ‘You can be TOUGH and be a GIRL.’ I love what I do and it was never about the money (clearly as we know what EMT’s/Medics make).  It’s not just a job, it’s a life, it’s a calling, it’s an identity. You don’t stop being a Medic, Firefighter, an EMT, a Nurse or a Rescue Worker when you clock off, it’s who you are!  We are proud of what we do and we promote it.

FireMen wearing Women’s pants?


What?!   Imagine an all-male engine company walking in for new uniform’s and being handed a stack of pants marked, “Women size 12, 14, 16, 18….”        Then being told, “you’re gonna have to make them work.”

Then why, after so many years of girls wearing uniforms, are we still sent to the uniform shop praying they have a ‘miracle-worker-seamstress’ who can take a pair of men’s pants and bring the crotch up, the hips out, the length up and the waist in line with a girls figure?  By no means are we looking to have our uni’s fit like our favorite pair of jeans, we simply don’t want feel like a clown jumping out of an ambulance during the circus show.


We collect t-shirts, hats, hoodies, etc., from events, expos, departments, and fundraisers.  Problem is they are typically men’s cut, men’s sizes and still not made for the rapidly growing number of women deserving of wearing them.

We see so many shirts that have lame sayings, some out-right crude,  which degrade who we are as professionals, some which portray an unnecessary arrogance, again, not the image we’ve busted my butts to have. I wanted something Stylish, something Top Quality, something FIT FOR A WOMAN!  This is why Rescue Chic was created. You work hard, you are a woman and you deserve something that wasMade by Women in Emergency Services for Women in Emergency Services.

 What you WILL see here – Handpicked, Top Quality, Stylish, Women’s Apparel, which promotes the professional and fun side of Rescue.  What you WILL NOT see – lame, crude, ‘rescue geek’ slogans that promote an arrogant image of the hard working Women of Rescue.

   Best of all, a portion of ALL proceeds from our apparel will go to enrichment programs, designed to help fellow sisters be successful in their pursuit of helping others.  After all, if we aren’t helping others, we aren’t doing our job!


Be Safe and Do Great things ~

Dannie Myers  EMT-P, RN, CCT-RN, Founder


  • Karan Phillip says:

    Been in EMS 32 years and flight medic for 14 years.

  • Matt Patrick says:

    Way to go Dannie Girl! Nicely and professionally written, and proud to see you going above and beyond for your gender. I don’t know how I could be of any assistance to Rescue Chic, but if I can be, please let me know.
    I think you know, I’ve always been pro female in both my professions as a firefighter and a police officer, so if you can use that please do.

  • Just wanted to say I very much appreciate site and your writing.
    For the record, I trained and worked with the first 3 women medics in San Diego years ago. I now write books; speak to groups and host my own radio talk show in Southern California..
    I am wondering if you would be interested in doing a phone interview on my radio show. It would be about a 15-minute, Saturday afternoon session (show runs from 4pm – 5pm California time) I could ask you a few questions and you could talk about your EMS career and your website. If you are at all interested, please feel free to reach me at: PatricParamedic@yahoo.com.
    Best of luck,

    Patrick McDonald
    Paramedic & Author
    “The Paramedic heretic”

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