Our Mission

MissionImagePaving a better Future for Women of Emergency Services

  • To Support, Encourage and Connect the Women of Emergency Services around the Globe. Creating a Network and Forum of resources and information.​
  • Commitment to creating a culture of Confident, Strong and Educated Women who will pave the path for the future of Rescue.  
  • Portions of ALL proceeds will go towards recruitment, education, scholarships, mentorship and awareness for women looking to serve their community, state and country.  Enrichment programs which will provide the resources for women to be successful in their pursuit of helping others.


Sup•port [transitive verb] : to endure bravely or quietly.  to uphold, defend as valor or right.

​By  virtue of Support from the women who have bravely paved the path in rescue, we find peace in knowing there is a voice.  We have a generation of strong women who understand the struggles, who have been challenged, who have persevered  and will fight to see the deserving succeed.


Con•nect [transitive verb] : to join or fasten together usually by something intervening.  

By creating an International Network, we connect women around with the world who share a common bond…. a common passion.  We show women who struggle with culturally driven gender ‘barriers’ that they are capable and able to fulfill their dreams. That you are only limited to what you believe you can do.


En•cour•age [transitive verb] : to make (someone) more determined,  hopeful, or confident.

By creating a place where women (and girls) can come to gain the knowledge and wisdom from experienced peers, women who have fought to be where they are, we build Confident Rescuers of the future.


“Coming together is a Beginning,
Keeping together is a Process, 
Working together is Success.”

           ~ Henry Ford

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  • Steve says:

    From a “Vetran” paramedics perspective, this is a Great idea and a Great site , we need to stick together as one “Mainly Dysfunctional” family of emergency care providers… take care …Salute

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